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Activity on Broadway Bridge near BSU tomorrow for foundation testing
BOISE - Bridge investigators want to assure the public that the loud popping sounds they hear on the Broadway Bridge near the BSU campus on Wednesday and Thursday (June 20 & 21) are just air guns being used by crews testing the riverbed seismology. Crews are determining the foundation requirements in preparation for a future bridge replacement.

Crews from BSU performing the geophysical survey do not anticipate that the noise will be an issue, particularly with the traffic noise from the 25,000 vehicles that use the bridge every day. The air gun is designed to send the energy into the subsurface geology. However, the air guns and the sound created could be misinterpreted as an illegal or unsafe activity. There may be reports of people dropping fireworks into the river.

BSU Security and local law enforcement has been alerted to this activity. The crew will be wearing orange safety vests for easy identification.

Crews will begin setting up for investigatory work at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, laying out equipment and signs. The sidewalk on the east side of the bridge will be closed for this work. The cross-river survey will commence around noon, lasting until about 5 p.m.

The survey crew will be suspending an air gun from the deck of the Broadway Bridge over the water surface. The air gun will be placed right at the level of the water surface and intermittently shoot a 100-psi compressed air burst directly into the water.

Depending on how much of the investigatory work can be completed on Wednesday, the air gun may not even be used on Thursday. If it is needed on Thursday, it will follow the same 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.

Public agencies may contact Dr. Paul Michaels, at (208) 426-1929 or pm@cgiss.boisestate.edu with questions or concerns.

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