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Several new southwest Idaho highway projects due to begin after holiday

BOISE - In addition to several ongoing construction projects that will continue throughout the summer, and a few that are wrapping up, a handful of new highway construction projects in the southwest Idaho area will begin after the holiday, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

Some of these will be starting the Monday after the holiday, on July 9. Others will begin later in July.

Idaho 51, Sheep Creek to Milepost 33, Owyhee County
Description: Almost 14 miles of highway in rural Owyhee County will be resurfaced, from milepost 19.89-33.71.
Traffic Impacts: One open lane will be maintained during the work. Flaggers or pilot cars will be used as needed.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Snake River Construction/$1.6 million.
Est. Completion: Early Sept.

I-84 bridges, Caldwell and Black Canyon
Description: This project rehabilitates three bridge decks in the Caldwell area at Centennial Way, Exit 27 and the Boise River crossing, and the bridge deck at Exit 13 at Black Canyon.
Traffic Impacts: Some ramps and lanes will be closed during the work. Crews will cone off the affected areas.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Concrete Placing Co. Inc./$1.42 million.
Est. Completion: Late October.

Idaho 55, Snake River to Pride Lane, Canyon County
Description: This is a pavement-rehabilitation project in Canyon County, from milepost 2.75-7.1 (Construction limits are from milepost 2.75-3.845 and milepost 6.54-7.113)
Traffic Impacts: One open lane will be maintained during the month-long project. Flaggers and cones will be used to guide traffic.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Knife River Corp. Northwest/$933,000
Est. Completion: Late summer/early fall.

U.S. 95, Smokey Boulder Road to Hazard Creek, Idaho and Adams counties
Description: This is a five-and-a half-mile (milepost 171-176.5) pavement rehabilitation project.
Traffic Impacts: One open lane will be maintained during the month-long project. Flaggers and cones will be used to guide traffic.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Valley Paving & Asphalt Inc./$1.8 million.
Est. Completion: Sept. 2012.

Idaho 55, Cascade city street resurfacing
Description: This pavement-rehabilitation project runs through downtown Cascade. To extend the life of the roadway, the two-mile section between the bridges will be resurfaced. A complete reconstruction will be done on the segment running through the town's center.
Traffic Impacts: Lanes will be reduced to one Monday through Thursday. Drivers should expect flaggers and speed-limit reductions. No parking will be allowed on Idaho 55 in the work zone, but will be available on side streets. During working hours, reasonable business access will be maintained. Crews will work daytime hours during the week, be off the road by noon on Friday and remain off on weekends.
Construction Contractor/Cost: C & A Paving/$1.86 million.
Est. Completion: Fall 2012.

Idaho 55, N. Fork Payette River Bridge in Cascade
Description: The existing bridge at milepost 114 will be replaced with a three-lane, 393-foot long, three-span bridge and the adjacent roadway approaches realigned and reconstructed.
Traffic Impacts: Two-thirds of the new bridge will be built to the west of the existing structure. Traffic will be maintained on the old bridge, then routed to the new section for the remaining work. Crews will work daytime hours during the week, be off the road by noon on Friday and remain off on weekends.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Wadsworth Brothers Construction/$4.83 million.
Est. Completion: Summer 2013.

Idaho 55, milepost 80.636 to Boise National Forest Boundary
Description: This is a thin-lift overlay pavement-preservation project on Idaho 55 from milepost 80.636-91. Some preliminary work to realign a half-mile section further toward the river is being done currently.
Traffic Impacts: Once the overlay begins, most of the paving will be overnight from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., with no work on the weekends (except Sunday nights).
Construction Contractor/Cost: Valley Paving & Asphalt Inc./$2.15 million.
Est. Completion: Early to mid-September.

U.S. 95, Parma North City Limits to Jct. I-84
Description: This is a 14.8-mile pavement preventative maintenance project.
Traffic Impacts: In two-lane sections, at least one lane will remain open at all times. In three- or four-lane segments, at least two lanes will remain open. Work on nights or weekends is not expected, but is not prohibited if needed.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Idaho Sand & Gravel Co./$5.7 million.
Est. Completion: Mid-August 2012.

I-184 (Connector), Flying Wye to 13th Street
Description: For about five miles, from the Flying Wye to 13th Street, crews will re-seal joints and grind off the concrete surface to fix wheel-path ruts and increase skid resistance.
Traffic Impacts: A temporary closure of the ramps will be necessary for the contractor to properly grind and re-seal in those areas. At least one lane will be maintained during the work, with the speed limit reduced to 45 mph in the construction zone. Crews will adhere to a 10 p.m.-to-5 a.m. schedule, working overnight in order to minimize traffic interference. Work will not be allowed on the nights of Boise State University home football games.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Penhall Company/$919,000.
Est. Completion: Late Fall.

Seal coats on highways in Ada, Elmore and Payette counties
Description: Seal coats will be applied to sections of these highways in order to extend the life of the roadway and provide greater traction for motorists.
•    I-84, Broadway (Exit 54) to Eisenman interchanges (Exit 60)
•    Idaho 21, Gowen Interchange (Exit 54) to Lucky Peak Reservoir Bridge
•    U.S. 20, Mountain Home city limits to Boise National Forest boundary
•    I-84B, between Canyon Creek and 18th Street (Exit 94) overpasses in Mountain Home
•    Idaho 69, Orchard Ave. in Kuna to I-84 ramps in Meridian
•    U.S. 30, through New Plymouth from the junction of U.S. 30 and U.S. 95 on the west side of town (between New Plymouth and Fruitland) to the junction of U.S. 30 and Idaho 72 on the south end of town. Seal coating begins by applying a layer of asphalt, then a cover coat of gravel on the roadway surface. The highway is rolled and traffic allowed on to the roadway to help pack the surface before "brooming" or sweeping to remove excess gravel. Seal coats are typically applied on asphalt roads every 7–10 years. 
Traffic Impacts: After the seal coat is applied, the highway is broomed overnight multiple times to remove loose gravel that remains. The speed limit will be reduced in the work zone, and motorists should expect delays. A properly applied seal coat can add several years of service to a heavily traveled roadway by sealing the surface and adding roughness for winter traction. The work is done during the day to allow the heat to help asphalt and rock bond more quickly to the roadway surface, providing a higher-quality finished product.
Construction Contractor/Cost: Sierra Nevada Construction Inc./$2.82 million
Est. Completion: Late Sept.

Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward continued economic vitality by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.