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CORRECTION: ITD to issue permit for over-legal shipment on U.S. 95, U.S. 12

NEWS DIRECTORS, EDITORS: Corrects press release to reflect change in transport plans to arrive from Port of Wilma instead of Port of Lewiston.

BOISE – The Idaho Transportation Department will issue a permit today for the transport of an over-legal load on U.S. 95 and U.S. 12 next week.

The permit allows Omega Morgan Inc. to truck water purification equipment beginning Monday night (Oct. 22) from the Idaho/Washington border to the Montana state line. The shipment will start its journey from the Port of Wilma in Washington, and enter Idaho on Idaho 128.

The shipment weighs 520,000 pounds, is 300 feet long, 20 feet wide and 22 feet high.

It will travel over four nights, from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. The Idaho State Police will accompany the shipment from the Port of Entry on U.S. 95 to the U.S. 12 junction. An ambulance will accompany the shipment to the Montana state line.

Three flagging teams, three pilot vehicles and two vehicles with portable signs will travel with the shipment. The transportation plan requires that delays not exceed 15 minutes for other vehicles using U.S. 12. Locations have been identified along U.S. 12 where the shipment can safely pull over to let traffic pass.

On the first night, the shipment is scheduled to travel from Idaho 128 to the Orofino area, and park at either milepost 38.8 or milepost 44.4. On the second night, the transport will move from the Orofino area to milepost 73.7. On the third night, it is scheduled to travel from milepost 73.7 to milepost 126.9. The fourth night’s travel schedule is from milepost 126.9 to milepost 174.2, the Idaho/Montana border.