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Southwest Idaho highway construction report for Nov. 2-9

BOISE - The following projects in southwest Idaho are now under way.

BOISE - Idaho 16 Extension, Boise River Crossing

Work is under way for the first phase of the extension of Idaho 16, which will be complete in August 2014.

Crews will connect State Street (Idaho 44) to Chinden Boulevard, including a new bridge over the Boise River.

Abutments 1 and 2 are nearly complete. The piers on the north side have all piles driven. The pier cap has been placed on Pier 5. Crews will be driving the piles for Pier 3 next. They just completed test piles on piers 1 and 2. The roadway subgrade is also being placed and compacted. 

Concrete Placing Co. Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $19.4 million project.

BOISE - Idaho 16 Extension, Phyllis Canal Bridge and South Segment

This project extends Idaho 16 from U.S. 20/26 (at McDermott Road) to Joplin Road, where it ties in to the new Idaho 16 Boise River Bridge project.

The contractor is completing excavation for the footings and wing walls of the Phyllis Canal Bridge structure this week, and will follow that by forming and installing steel reinforcement (rebar) and placing concrete. They continue to place roadway base material between the Phyllis Canal and the tie-in to the Boise River Bridge project, and have started placing roadway base material for Joplin Court Road.

They are also starting to work on irrigation and drainage facilities between U.S. 20/26 and Joplin Road.
It is anticipated that the contractor will soon complete construction of the roadway embankment below the Boise River terrace and start in the areas between the Phyllis Canal and U.S. 20/26.

Substantial completion is expected in December 2013, with overall completion in August 2014.

Concrete Placing Co Inc. is the contractor on this $10.8 million project.

MERIDIAN - Eagle Road resurfacing and medians

Work has been under way since early summer on this project, which is resurfacing Idaho 55 from Fairview Avenue in Meridian to State Street in Eagle, and installing raised medians from Franklin to Oakhampton Drive, one-half mile north of Chinden Boulevard.

Crews continue to work on Phase 3 from Hobble Creek Drive to Idaho 44 on Eagle Road. Over the next couple of weeks crews will:

-    Complete paving the roadway
-    Continue replacing the pedestrian sidewalk ramps
-    Begin installing the new signal poles and wiring at Chinden Boulevard and Eagle Road

Crews are working at night from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends. Paving work is weather-dependent and the schedule may change.

Construction is scheduled to be complete in November.

Idaho Sand & Gravel Co., of Nampa, is the contractor on this $4.7 million project.

Linder Rd./State St./Ballantyne Lane intersection work

Survey crews and utilities continue gathering preliminary data in anticipation of improvements to the Idaho 44/Linder Road intersection. Construction activities will be starting in about a month with the building of stormwater retention ponds. Utility work is slated for late October or early November.

The project will ultimately reconstruct the intersection of Idaho 44 and Linder, including the reconstruction and expansion of Idaho 44 between Linder and Ballantyne and the rebuilding of Linder in the vicinity of Idaho 44. ITD anticipates this project will be completed by fall 2013.

Utility relocations are starting to take place. The design of early stages of work is nearing completion. Construction of temporary pavement will be taking place around mid-November.

Central Paving, of Boise, is the contractor on this $9.23 million project.

Replacement of Dynamic Message Signs

In this project, DMS signs are being replaced in several locations, primarily on Idaho 21. The work involves removing the existing message signs and controller cabinets and replacing them with upgraded signs and cabinets at their current locations. The sign locations are on Idaho 21 at the junction to Warm Springs, Idaho City, Lowman, and Stanley. And on the Banks to Lowman Highway at Banks, and Idaho 55 near the Shadow Valley Golf Course.

Work started Monday (Oct. 29) at the Warm Springs location. Crews expect to remove the existing signs and bases at all locations and reinstall the new bases. The new signs and cabinets have been ordered and will be installed when delivered.

Quality Electric Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $321,000 project. The work, which is not impacting traffic, is expected to finish by January 2013.

Idaho 21 resurfacing to Lowman

A resurfacing project covering 20.4 miles of Idaho 21 in Boise County will finish in October 2013.

The project runs from Mores Creek Summit to Clear Creek Bridge below Lowman, adding a Stress-Absorbing Fiberglass Layer with Emulsified Asphalt (SAFLEA) on two adjoining sections of Idaho 21 (milepost 52.3 to 60 and 60 to 72.7), conducting slope stabilization, and upgrading guardrail at existing locations.

A SAFLEA treatment is a seal coat with a coating of chopped glass fibers between the oil and gravel aggregates to enhance durability and reduce cracking.

The contractor completed the retaining walls and paving this week. They will work on the SAFLEA treatment next construction season.

Knife River Corp, of Boise, is the contractor on this $3.9 million project.

Idaho 55 resurfacing in Marsing, Caldwell

A resurfacing project is under way at two locations between the Snake River Bridge in Marsing and Pride Lane in Huston, which is just to the west of Caldwell. The project extends 8.5 miles north from the bridge.

Work on this short project, which involves recycled asphalt and an overlay treatment, is expected to finish by the end of November. The two project locations are separated by just a few miles.

One lane of traffic will remain open, and motorists will be guided by flaggers on this two-lane road. The speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph in the work zone, and brief delays are expected. The delays should be 5-15 minutes typically, and up to 30 minutes if crews are working on the lower and upper sections at the same time and drivers get caught at both stops.

The section of SH 55, from the junction of SH 78 and SH 55 to the junction of Farmway Road and SH 55, is closed to oversized loads.  Oversized loads are defined as greater than 12 feet wide x 65 feet long.
Work is progressing on schedule.  Drivers can expect 5-15 minute delays. The roadway has been pulverized from the bridge north to milepost 3.842, and the speed limit is 35 mph through this section.

CRABS (Cement Recycled Asphalt Base Stabilization) resurfacing is scheduled to occur late this week and through the weekend. 

On the Pride Lane section at the north end of the project, the outside lane has been rebuilt to the base section. The speed limit through the curve is reduced to 45 mph for safety concerns.

Knife River Corp. Northwest, of Boise, is the contractor on this $933,000 project.

I-84 median leveling, Black Canyon to Sand Hollow

The median of Interstate 84 near Sand Hollow, a few miles east of Black Canyon, is being leveled in a project expected to finish by the end of the month. Crews are removing the berms in the median of the interstate. The leveling is a safety improvement to minimize water runoff that created soft-spot hazards in the median.

The speed limit will be reduced to 65 mph weekdays (during the day) between milepost 13 (Black Canyon) and 17 (Sand Hollow), and the inside (left) lanes will be coned off in each direction during the work.

The work is about one-third finished. Crews should be wrapping it up in about three to four weeks.

Irvco Asphalt & Gravel Inc., of Fruitland, is the contractor on this $235,000 work.

CASCADE – Bridge replacement

A replacement of the North Fork Payette River Bridge in downtown Cascade is under way. The bridge work will extend into summer 2013.

This project will replace the old (built in 1933), narrow, width-restricted bridge with one more than twice as wide.

The existing bridge is 24 feet wide, and will be replaced with a 60-foot wide, 393-foot long, three-span bridge. The new bridge will have two 12-foot lanes, two 11-foot shoulders and a 14-foot median.

In addition, a paved extension will be built to the dirt shared-use path under the bridge on the north side of the river that provides access from both sides of the bridge to the new riverside park.??In the first stage, two-thirds of the new bridge will be built to the west of the existing structure. Traffic will be maintained on the existing bridge through this first stage of bridge work, and then will be routed to the new section of bridge for the remaining work as the old bridge is demolished. There will be traffic interruptions while the new roadway section leading to the new bridge is built.

Crews are pouring bent caps and continue roadwork. Traffic impacts are minimal. Flaggers are being used when lane closures are necessary.

From Monday through Thursday, work that limits drivers to one lane in each direction is only allowed between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Two lanes will be maintained between noon Friday and noon Monday. A river safety and navigation plan will be in place for recreationists that use this section of the river.

Wadsworth Brothers Construction Co. Inc., of Draper, Utah, is the contractor on this $4.83 million project.


Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward continued economic vitality by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.