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ITD sweeping to remove excess rock from Meridian Road

BOISE - The Idaho Transportation Department will continue to sweep excess rock from Meridian Road (Idaho 69) between Interstate 84 and Kuna to reduce the potential for windshield damage. The 8.5-mile route received a seal coat last summer.

ITD reminds motorists that the speed limit on the highway is 55 mph. Excessive speed can contribute to windshield damage. The department recently posted orange and black “Loose Gravel” signs to alert drivers.

Seal coating begins by applying a layer of liquid asphalt, followed by a cover coat of rock chips on the highway surface. After the rock adheres to the surface, the route is broomed to remove excess material.

The application of seal coats is both a safety and efficiency measure, which are key components of ITD’s Strategic Plan. Seal coats provide better traction for drivers, help seal the surface against moisture and extend the life of the highway.

ITD continues to investigate the failed seal coat between I-84 and Kuna. The product is under warranty, and the contractor is responsible for addressing any claims for windshield damage. This safeguard ensures that no additional ITD or taxpayer funds will be expended to correct the deficiency.

Sierra Nevada Construction, of Sparks, Nev., was the contractor for seal coats on several sections of road under a $2.82 million contract last summer.

To file a claim for windshield damage, drivers can call the contractor at (866) 391-9675.

The weather is cold enough that no addition of liquid asphalt can be applied over the existing seal coats. The department will continue sweeping to control chip loss and minimize damage, said Shawna King, ITD’s Southwest Idaho resident engineer.

Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward continued economic vitality by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.