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Southwest Idaho highway construction report for Jan. 25-Feb. 1

BOISE - The following projects in southwest Idaho are now under way.

BOISE - Idaho 16 Extension, Boise River crossing and connecting roads (GARVEE)

Work is under way on the extension of Idaho 16, which will be complete in late summer 2014.  

Crews will connect State Street (Idaho 44) to Chinden Boulevard, including a new 1,726-foot bridge over the Boise River. Idaho 16 is also being extended from U.S. 20/26 (at McDermott Road) to Joplin Road, where it ties in to the new Idaho 16 Boise River Bridge project.

Crews have completed three bridge spans, working north, and then will do the three spans on the south end last.   

Crews are also placing concrete for pier cap on Pier 3 and installing seals between segments for a Joplin Court Road box culvert. 

Concrete Placing Co. Inc., of Boise, is the contractor for both the first segment, which is the $19.4 million construction of the river crossing, as well as for the second segment, which includes the $10.8 million work to the south and a crossing of the Phyllis Canal Bridge.

MERIDIAN - Eagle Road resurfacing and medians

Work is in winter shut-down mode on this project, which resurfaced Idaho 55 from Fairview Avenue in Meridian to State Street in Eagle, and installed raised medians from Franklin to Oakhampton Drive, one-half mile north of Chinden Boulevard. Crews began the work in early summer.

A new signal is being designed that will be added in the spring at Wainwright Street and Eagle Road.

Idaho Sand & Gravel Co., of Nampa, is the contractor on this $4.7 million project.

State St./Linder Rd./Ballantyne Lane intersection work

The project will ultimately reconstruct the intersection of Idaho 44 and Linder, including the reconstruction and expansion of Idaho 44 between Linder and Ballantyne and the rebuilding of Linder in the vicinity of Idaho 44.

The contractor is working on widening the Middleton Mill Canal structure on Idaho 44 by Shady Acres. Crews are working on the retaining wall for the next couple weeks. A new culvert will be placed under Linder Road in the area as well. 

Crews are also placing a temporary signal at the Idaho 44 and Linder Road intersection. The designer is working on final plans and should have them done in the next month.

Crews are working on widening the Middleton Mill canal bridge on Idaho 44 by Shady Acres and building a retaining wall in the south Middleton Mill canal.  The Design group is working on the drainage design for the project.

Central Paving, of Boise, is the contractor on this $9.23 million project.

Replacement of Dynamic Message Signs

In this project, DMS signs are being replaced in several locations, primarily on Idaho 21. The work involves removing the existing message signs and controller cabinets and replacing them with upgraded signs and cabinets at their current locations.

The sign locations are on Idaho 21 at the junction to Warm Springs, Idaho City, Lowman, and Stanley. They are also on the Banks-to-Lowman Highway at Banks, and Idaho 55 near the Shadow Valley Golf Course.

The signs are installed and functional. Crews from ITD are working with ACHD to make all appropriate connections for remote activation. The testing should be starting soon.

Quality Electric Inc., of Boise, is the contractor on this $321,000 project. The work, which is not impacting traffic, is expected to finish by January 2013.

Idaho 21 resurfacing to Lowman

A resurfacing project covering 20.4 miles of Idaho 21 in Boise County is wrapping up for this construction season. The project has been suspended for the winter. Work will resume after June 15, as consistently hot temperatures are required for the remaining resurfacing.

The project runs from Mores Creek Summit to Clear Creek Bridge below Lowman, adding a Stress-Absorbing Fiberglass Layer with Emulsified Asphalt (SAFLEA) on two adjoining sections of Idaho 21 (milepost 52.3 to 60 and 60 to 72.7), conducting slope stabilization, and upgrading guardrail at existing locations.

A SAFLEA treatment, which will be added next summer, is a seal coat with a coating of chopped glass fibers between the oil and gravel aggregates to enhance durability and reduce cracking.

Knife River Corp, of Boise, is the contractor on this $3.9 million project.

CASCADE – Bridge Replacement

A replacement of the North Fork Payette River Bridge in downtown Cascade is now shut down for the winter. The bridgework will extend into late fall 2013.

This summer also saw resurfacing of the roadway between the bridges in town.

This project will replace the old, narrow, width-restricted bridge built in 1933 with one more than twice as wide. The existing bridge is 24 feet wide, and will be replaced with a 60-foot wide, 393-foot long, three-span bridge. The new bridge will have two 12-foot lanes, two 11-foot shoulders and a 14-foot median.

In addition, a paved extension will be built to the dirt shared-use path under the bridge on the north side of the river that provides access from both sides of the bridge to the new riverside park. The short section under the west half of the new bridge has been graded, but has not yet been paved. 

In the first stage, two-thirds of the new bridge will be built to the west of the existing structure. Traffic will be maintained on the existing bridge through this first stage of bridge work, and then will be routed to the new section of bridge for the remaining work as the old bridge is demolished. There will be traffic interruptions while the new roadway section leading to the new bridge is built.

From Monday through Thursday, work that limits drivers to one lane in each direction is only allowed between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Two lanes will be maintained between noon Friday and noon Monday. A river safety and navigation plan will be in place for recreationists that use this section of the river.

Wadsworth Brothers Construction Co. Inc., of Draper, Utah, is the contractor on this $4.83 million project.

Highway construction is one of the key forces pushing Idaho toward continued economic vitality by creating jobs, improving safety and reducing traffic congestion.