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Adam Rush
ITD Public Involvement Coordinator
(208) 334-8119

Transportation department launches new winter safety campaign

BOISE - The Idaho Transportation Department is starting a new, annual campaign that will help drivers stay safe during the winter months.

The “ITD Winter Safety Campaign” offers information via Facebook, Twitter and press releases that helps drivers safely arrive at their destinations.

ITD’s Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/IdahoTransportationDepartment, and the transportation department’s Twitter account is under the handle IdahoITD.

“Short videos will present information on how to use Idaho’s 511 Traveler Services system, how to safely share the road with snowplows, maintain your vehicle during the winter months and drive safely in winter conditions,” said Adam Rush, the transportation department’s public involvement coordinator. “New videos will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, approximately every other week.”

Click here for the sound bite from Rush.

The winter safety campaign helps drivers plan and prepare for challenging driving conditions by providing them with helpful information. This includes webpage links to neighboring states’ 511 traveler information for drivers who are traveling to Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Utah or Wyoming.

Those with questions about the safety campaign can contact Adam Rush at adam.rush@itd.idaho.gov or by phone at (208) 334-8119.

News Directors/Editors:

For video footage of vehicles traveling in winter conditions and snowplows in action, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ5tSKrGURE.

The Idaho Transportation Department is responsible for all highways on the State Highway System – interstates, state highways and U.S. routes. All other roads are under the jurisdiction of the local, city or county entity.