Springtime in Idaho offers different set of road maintenance challenges

As Idaho prepares to emerge from a historic winter that brought the most snow many areas had seen in decades, a new set of challenges face our road maintenance crews. Hillsides saturated by snow and rain can release rockslides given the slightest provocation. Moisture coming in on the top of existing snowpacks bring the threat of springtime avalanches. Suddenly higher temperatures lead to extensive melting, flood watches statewide and water-over-the-roadway concerns.

And drivers emerge from winter hibernation to return en masse to area highways. It is as critical as ever for motorists to have access to current travel information, available at 511.idaho.gov

Here are a few photos of recent road activity in District 1 and District 2 that illustrate some of these challenges.

District 1 - Idaho State Highway 5

District 2 - U.S. 12


Published 03-17-17