Site lets public comment on South Jerome Interchange rebuild

The Interstate 84 South Jerome interchange overpass bridge, built in 1966, will be replaced in several years. In preparation, ITD has launched an interactive website to gather public comment during the redesign. The public can visit to view project information and be linked to to provide input.

On average, about 13,000 vehicles travel over the bridge each day, and approximately 22,000 vehicles use I-84 at the interchange. The new interchange will increase efficiency of traffic flow and reduce travel times on the freeway, the on/off ramps, Lincoln Avenue and adjoining roadways.

The project will also include minimizing impact to neighboring properties and the environment, minimize potential for collisions at intersections, and accommodate pedestrians and bicycle travel.

“We want to build an interchange that reflects the needs and interests of the local community,” said ITD Project Manager Mike Scott.

In addition to the project website, ITD is planning to host two bilingual public open houses at key milestones. The first public open house is anticipated this summer, following conclusion of preliminary design. Bilingual newsletters will be distributed at key milestones with project updates and details of upcoming public involvement opportunities.

ITD has hired J-U-B Engineers, Inc. and The Langdon Group to design the project and work cooperatively with local stakeholders. Public involvement meetings began this winter with key stakeholders, including local government, area businesses and land owners.


Published 03-17-17