D5 delivers on design for I-84 repairs advanced to this summer

ITD's District 5 and District 3 offices recently collaborated to design repairs on an Interstate 84 project that was fast tracked to this summer due to historically harsh winter weather in the Treasure Valley. The initiative brings about a public benefit more quickly – the original repair project had been slated for Fiscal Year 18 or 19, but was recently advanced.

The D5 team delivered the final plans for bidding by March 1, while continue to perform their regular job tasks. This was just three weeks after D5 Materials received the assignment.

"I've seen a lot of these pavement rehabilitation projects take two to three months (or more) to do," explained District Engineer Ed Bala. "Greydon's team really hit this one out of the park!"

Two of the D5 design team members, Scott MacKenzie and Denise Munsee, also took a few shifts as snowplow drivers, helping the D5 office in battling the snowiest winter in Pocatello history. Two team members, Munsee and Cody Vezina, really hadn't used MicroStation before this project and were learning as they went. This was their first-ever design project. Jeremy Gough, the D5 Source Manager, served as the lead designer.

Pictured, left to right, back row: Jeremy Gough and Greydon Wright. Front row: Denise Munsee, Scott MacKenzie, and Cody Vezina.

"The story really is about how incredible our employees are and what can happen when they set their sights on a goal," Bala added.


Published 03-17-17