D1 employee appreciation May 4 honors innovation, safety            

District 1 held its annual employee appreciation luncheon May 4, a barbecue attended by about 90 folks – many more were out fixing potholes, paving, or repairing slides.

Safety awards were presented, along with recognition of innovation for a crew who toiled on the Penn Street Bridges project last spring.

Those who worked on the Penn Avenue Bridges, and created a sliding girder installer that cuts months off the time and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, were foreman Gene Anderson and his Bridge crew members George Lukes, Nick Primmer, TJ Gibson and Jared Heston. Along with Anderson and his crew was the Welding Shop (Gerald Brown, James Crooks), the area maintenance crew (Mark Johnson, Dick Standish, Jeff Vucinich, Mike Lenz, Mark Smith, John Reed, Ryan Long, Tim Clark and Dallas Hutchins) and Signing & Striping Foreman Mike Rearden.

Safety awards for 2015 and 2016::

2015: Arrty Rude, Primmer, Dustin Lenz, Bill Custer, Dustin Chase, Gary Haynes, Clark, Bob Buechner
2016: Mike Lenz, Tom Klopman, Gary Davis, Crooks, Doug Combs, Jamie Miller, Russ Carper, Tristan Brown, John Freeman

2015: Dave Tackett, Reed, Steve Nettleton
2016: Melanie Loppnow, Miles Stevens, Justin Wuest, Clint Roney, Vucinich


2015: John Vaudreuil, Phil Youngman, Mike Hartz, Barb Baldwin
2016: Kevin McClure, Kathy Fritzsche, Ellen Baker


2015: Smith, Greg Mills, Chad Larson, Larry Knutson


2015: Ed Gray, Shad Flores, Robert Nettleton, Tom Knapp
2016: Anderson, Dan Budd, Jeff Spohn, Jim West


2015: Kirk Appleby
2016: Rearden

Pictured above to right: Appleby (blue shirt), Safety Officer Keith Viebrock, and Rearden (yellow shirt)

Published 05-19-17