D1 implements stretch-and-flex program to combat workplace injuries          

The folks at D1 have implemented a stretch-and-flex program to specifically combat a rash of shoulder, neck and knee injuries, which are ITD's most common workplace injuries.

D1 attempted to implement the program last fall, and found success in presenting the training to admin/residency staff, but had difficulty in rolling out the training to maintenance workers, who were already obligated to plowing and other winter road-clearing activities.

On August 3, all D1 maintenance got together for the training with members from the port of entry. In all, about 80 employees took part. A welcome and intro message from D1 District Engineer Damon Allen and District Safety Compliance Officer Keith Viebrock kicked off the meeting, and ITD Employee Safety & Risk Manager Randy Danner presented the safety culture survey. The agenda also included backhoe testing, TOTL safety requirements, proper clothing, and awareness of fatigue.

A strategy for the future was also part of the agenda.

"We plan to do a couple of these types of meetings per year, and will tailor the content according to the trends we see at that time in workplace injuries," explained Viebrock. He added that the district will also look at vehicular incident trends such as a Best Management Practice for wing plow operations.

Published 08-11-17