Brine is a terrible thing to waste: D5's hose valve solves that problem          

Every time District 5's maintenance crews would hook the brine trucks up to the brine tanks, they would end up wasting brine on the ground. During a large storm, they would waste up to 15-20 gallons of brine. The solution was simple. And inexpensive.

"We installed valves where we made the connections and put 5-gallon buckets under the hoses to catch the brine," said Malad Maintenance Foreman Douglas Thorpe.

"Now we can just turn off the valve, make the connections, turn the valve on and no brine is wasted," he added. "We are saving up to 20 gallons of brine during a large storm and not wasting any on the ground."

The valves are approximately $6 apiece. Brine is approximately 18 cents per gallon. D5 will save approximately $420 during an average winter, just in one maintenance location (Malad).

Published 08-18-17