One of the bridges under the contract: The bridge spanning the Lemhi River south of Salmon

Super savings: a single contract saves $1.7 million          

As far as savings and efficiencies go, this one is a game-changer.

By replacing 17 bridges under a single contract, ITD has already saved $1.7 million. The single contract has enabled the collection of engineering data on all the bridges at once rather than separately, which is standard practice.

Jointly collecting the data on bridge alignment, subsurface stability, right-of-way footprint, and hydraulic property saved approximately $100,000 per bridge.

ITD plans to replace nine bridges on Idaho 28 in eastern Idaho, and eight others in south-central and southeast Idaho.

Nearly all of the bridges are 50 years old or older and have reached their design life. Each new bridge will be longer and wider than the existing bridges, making for safer traffic flow.

This "2017 Southeast Idaho Bridge Replacements Project" involves employees from District 6 in Rigby, District 5 in Pocatello, District 4 in Shoshone, the Bridge section at Headquarters, and agency headquarters in Boise, as well as selected consultants.

Published 08-25-17