Keeping bridges open keeps commerce moving
Local owners offered alternatives to bridge load posting          

The state of Idaho has hundreds of bridges owned and operated by local jurisdictions. Many locally owned bridges are older and have signs of distress and/or deterioration due to age, scour, change in use, excessive loading, or weather.  While restricting vehicle weight may be necessary, it can significantly reduce economic opportunity and mobility.

An innovation developed by Bridge Asset Management is to provide the local bridge owner options to mitigate issues associated with deterioration, so a particular bridge may remain open and unrestricted to legal vehicle loads, rather than simply giving load-posting requirements.

“The goal of this innovation is to keep local bridges open and unrestricted to vehicle traffic, which supports ITD's three-point mission,” said Anthony Beauchamp (pictured right). "This improves the lives of Idaho citizens by safely ensuring mobility is uninterrupted and business can transport goods and services in less time. "

Published 08-25-17