1 is 5, 2 is 4. Wait…what?          

Realignment is nothing new to ITD. A trip through old Transporters confirms it.

In fact, going back through old newsletters last year doing research on previous disasters to put the Elk City slide in proper context, I discovered some shifting.

The Coeur d’Alene office used to be District 5, the Pocatello office used to be District 1, and the Lewiston and Shoshone offices used to have different district designations, too. According to old bridge-inspection reports, D5 and D1 swapped in 1981, and so did D2 and D4.

The Jan. 8, 1981 Board meeting minutes indicate it was done to better align districts with other state agencies to “conform to the statewide region planning designation.” ITD’s Division of Aeronautics and Public Transportation were already in compliance. District 3 and District 6 did not change.

The change was completed by April 1 of 1981, after first being approved by the Board in June 1978.



Published 10-06-17