Funding, Innovation and safety messages highlight Oct. 12 Idaho Transportation Board in Boise          

A discussion of funding sources, this year’s best employee innovations and highway safety messages will be highlights of the October 12 Idaho Transportation Board meeting in the Boise Headquarters complex at 3311 W. State Street.

The board will conduct a workshop on various funding sources available for the Idaho Transportation Investment Program at 8 a.m. on October 12. The business meeting will start afterward, tentatively at 10:30 a.m.

Best of the Best Innovate ITD! recognitions
As has become tradition, the 2017 Best of the Best innovations will be presented during the board meeting. The innovations, and staff members who contributed to the innovations, will be recognized in seven categories: safety, mobility, economic opportunity, cost savings, time savings, customer service, and employee development.

A video will also be shown highlighting the Innovative Business Practices Team’s activities from the past year.

Safety messaging
Last year, the Office of Highway Safety launched a research project on distracted driving. The project builds on the work done earlier on positive community norms and impaired driving. The intent is to create positive messages that will get people to change their behavior.

A series of new videos have been created, along with other materials, to encourage motorists to drive engaged. Three videos will be shown to the board and then released to the public.


Published 10-06-17