Blackfoot shed installs back-up sensors to minimize downtime, repairs          

It’s a higher-tech version of the tennis ball that hangs down to signify how far to safely pull in the garage.

Rocky Messick, a 20-year maintenance veteran, researched the idea and D5 installed back-up sensors in the Blackfoot Maintenance Shed, so trucks do not hit the back wall but pull back far enough so the door shuts in front of them.

“We installed two sensors at the back of the garage and a light at the front of the garage,” said Blackfoot Maintenance Foreman Randy Richards. “The sensors span all three garage-door bays. When you back up the truck, the truck will break the sensor beam and the light turns on at the front. Then you pull ahead far enough to turn the light off. There is enough room to walk all around the truck and you don’t have to worry about hitting the back wall or having the door come down on the truck.”

This is a service to employees, who can easily park the trucks in the garage without worrying about hitting the back wall or having the door come down on the front of the truck. It is also a cost savings because we don’t have to repair those dings and dents and can ultimately sell those trucks for more at the end of their rotation because they remained in good condition.

Published 10-27-17