Summit team works to standardize workflow
for District Record Inspectors

One challenge addressed at the recent Leadership Summit was to streamline the job processes of the records inspectors in each district and standardize workflow so that each of them can perform their main tasks in the same way.

Additionally, specific to the construction audit and payment process, the group needed to create a tracking mechanism or way to monitor progress and establish performance metrics. They discussed creating a way to capture, catalog and work to alleviate common errors and issues from across the state by tracking trends and bringing DRIs together to compare results and renew focus each year.

"Each of them goes about the task differently, and as a result the process varies," said team member and Public Transportation Grants Officer Rachel Pallister. "There isn't a consistent system for processing work flows for effective and efficient use of resources and sharing of work."

"Additionally, we will need to work toward cleaning up a few areas, working on the performance measurements and targets, and come back together to further tackle consultant payments."

Lois Wood, the District 4 DRI, said a plan was developed to ensure that the workload is handled effectively and efficiently; eliminating the backlog.

"The backlog of projects to have a final review completed and closed out would decrease to a level that management deems acceptable," Wood added.

The team collaborated to make the most efficient use of time. They used standard-of-work training and process mapping to tackle the issue, then created process flows and used the "9 Wastes" training to help eliminate unnecessary work/steps. The nine wastes are defects, overproduction, waiting, non-utilized training, transportation, inventory, motion, extra processing, and energy/environment.

The team also tackled the timing of independent DRI reviews, and addressed the role of the DRI within the contract-payment process — some DRIs were part of the payment process rather than performing an independent review of the payment process.

They also developed leadership skills they can take back to their districts or divisions to improve the level of service.

The team's first post-summit work product is a DRI Standard of Work document expected in late November.

Watch the DRI Squad 6 Team video.

Pictured above: The group had a surprise visit from the Governor whileworking through the problem at Aeronaut6ics; he was there to fly out on a trip somewhere and decided to pop in. He was very pleased with what ITD is doing and said he was proud of our department and was very excited to see them collaborating on department-wide issues and being innovative.

Top row (L to R) – Don Armstrong (D2), Zeke Smith (D6), Tara Capson (D5), Rachelle Pallister (HQJ, Lori Royal (D4), Governor Otter, Lois Wood (D4), Nestor Fernandez (HQ), Eric Verner (D6), Bob Nelson (D6), Gregg Lynde (TechHelp), and Michelle Yankovich (HQ)

Bottom row, kneeling (L to R) – Blake Rindlisbacher (HQ), Chance Cole (D1), Mike Cram (HQ), and, Dave Hammond (HQ ETS)

Published 11-10-17