File-naming conventions standardized at summit          

Every user of ProjectWise has eventually been confronted with the guessing game of finding the right report and guessing at what name that file would have. Was the draft saved under the Design folder? Or is it in Preliminary Design Review? Is it the PDF labeled 013018_v1.0 or is it the PDF labeled 012817_vfinal?

Team What’s in a Name took on this problem for the 2017 Leadership Summit. The challenge was to develop a naming convention that could be adopted and used across all of ITD.

“This falls right in line with sharing project-delivery responsibilities across districts and saves staff time by enabling them to find and share the right files,” said team member Erika Bowen, D3 traffic engineer.

The Summit team settled on a simple, single naming convention. Files will include the key number, description, and the file extension. That’s it!

This new standard will roll out in conjunction with the ProjectWise relaunch this month. Training on proper file naming will be available on the Learning Hub. District Engineers have an expectation that all users will take the training by the first of the year. Moving forward, this convention will be used for all files.

“In spring 2018, the ProjectWise Administrators will be visiting each district to answer questions and show additional query functionality inside ProjectWise,” added Bowen.

Befitting the name, the event was as much about developing leadership skills that can translate into better internal and external service as it was about solving the problem set before them.

Watch the What's In A Name Team video.

Back row, left to right: Facilitator Alberto Gonzalez (DMV), Leslye Nelson (DMV), Erika Bowen (D3), Kelli Baker (D5), Janet French (ETS), Joe Schacher (D2), Todd Hubbard (D4), and Champion Devin Rigby (D4.)
Front row, left to right: Gustavo Salazar (DMV), Mel Fisher (D1), Caleb Forrey (DMV), Tyler Carrico (D1), Jack Strom (HQ), (Not pictured, Co-Facilitator: Laura Meyer)

Published 11-10-17