New ITD Talent Management System launches Nov. 13          

Special from Kristina Zahnter-Yocom, HR Training and Development

Last month, Chief Human Resource Officer Brenda Williams sent out a Department-wide email announcing several upcoming programs driven by Human Resources and aimed at helping you in your professional development here at ITD.  One of those programs in particular is designed to “sustain better individual performance goals” – the new Performance Hub.

The Performance Hub is part of an expanded Talent Management System that focuses on all employee development and will include the current Learning Hub, the new Performance Hub, and early in 2018, a Career Development Hub.  Because of these updates, the current Learning Hub welcome page will look different as of Monday, November 13. 

You will see a new title at the top of the page, TalentED—emphasis on Employee Development—and some additional icons for accessing expanded functionality.

The Performance Hub is an upgrade to the Form 1100 (Employee Performance Evaluation) that we currently use for performance plans and evaluations. The Performance Hub takes the same information as Form 1100 and automates it for easier tracking and updating by both supervisors and employees.

Visit your active transcript in the Learning Hub to see a general video preview of the upcoming changes.

The Performance Hub and new welcome page will be live for all employees to use on November 13. Additional online training related to these changes will be available on your Learning Hub transcript soon.

Published 11-10-17