Red boxes appear in some HQ vehicles to enhance safety of workers          

The Idaho Transportation Department continues to take steps to safeguard employees, and the latest safety initiative involves including a “red box” in each of the pool cars and SUVs at Headquarters. It is an idea that could easily expand to the other districts or divisions.

The red box contains reflective vests, a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, ice scraper, fluorescent hats, and wipes and window cleaner. “We found that too many people were driving with windows they could hardly see out of, so we tried to remedy that,” said Jeff Rados, Highway Equipment Analyst.

Rados also said they found that in compiling the items for the box, they discovered that some of the items within the first aid kits needed to be replaced, or the fire extinguisher need to be charged. “What good is a first aid kit with no bandages, or a fire extinguisher that won’t spray?” he asked.

Rados also said that they found that many of the ice scrapers had been liberated from their assigned pool car, so those were replaced. He also said they put an inventory list with each vehicle so they could monitor the contents to replenish items as they got used.

There are about 30 cars and SUVs in Headquarters’ vehicle inventory that now have the red boxes, and Rados wants to expand the program to a more diverse group of vehicles in the future.

Published 01-26-18