ITD shares innovation success via public-facing webpage          

Our employees are some of the most innovative in the country, and ITD's innovation program is one of the nation's best, but those successes were often hidden from view behind an internal security firewall. Now, a new public-facing webpage shares those accomplishments with others outside the organization.

From the time the innovation funnel and submission framework came along in 2014 until recently, those successes were routinely shared internally, but were unavailable to the public. It took a group looking to emulate ITD's program last fall to bring that obstacle to the forefront.

"Utah DOT was trying to find out about our program and there was nothing they could find, except for a few press releases. Everything we'd done was to make the innovation program better and easier for our employees, and we'd received a ton of kudos, but we'd neglected to share those innovation successes externally," said ITD Chief Administrative Officer and Innovation Champion Char McArthur.

So Reed Hollinshead and Pauline Davis from the Office of Communication created an innovation webpage for the ITD website, with an innovation overview, an innovation scorecard showing overall accomplishments, and a list of innovation videos and stories that can be rotated regularly.

Published 02-02-18