Employees share culture survey thoughts          

Every one of ITD’s 1,565 employees across the state plays a part in shaping the department’s culture. The first step on that journey started on March 5, as employees were sent the survey email and were asked to give us their opinion on our current culture and work environment.   

Employees have two weeks to complete the anonymous survey, which ends March 16.

“Employees are encouraged to be honest and share what is working and what we need to improve. We will categorize the written comments from the survey to learn where we need to focus,” stated Robin O’Neill, Employee Champion.

“Every comment will help us determine our next steps,” she added.

Already, In the first week, 50% of employees completed the survey, with the ultimate goal of reaching 100%.

Here are a few of the comments we heard when we asked the question "How do you think the surveys tie to our culture?" :

Crystal Grasmick

"The surveys tie to our culture by allowing employees the opportunity to voice their opinions and be an advocate for change. It is no secret that the old ITD wasn't an environment that everyone wanted to be in. We all have to work to actively change that...and it starts with us letting management and co-workers know how we feel the department it doing. We are important...and so is our voice.



Chey Martineau

"I think the surveys demonstrate ITD’s commitment to build and maintain a Constructive Culture, which was a big part of why I decided to apply for a position with ITD. I really like that the company in charge of the survey is the same company that developed the Circumplex self-assessment used in the Effective Communication series of training for new employees. I feel like I was better able to answer the survey questions because they were consistent with the information I learned about the Circumplex. The surveys were clear, straightforward, and well organized. I appreciate being able to work in an environment where I know that my manager is there to help me become a better person as well as a more efficient and capable employee."


Sonna Lynn Fernandez

"Let’s be honest, taking these surveys every two years seems redundant and time consuming. However, if we were asked to do one survey, how would we know if we made progress? These surveys help all of us to confirm in ourselves that our own principles have improved and if our co-workers agree. I feel that these surveys are like a map – each time we check the map, we make sure we are on the right road to the destination we want to go.  Taking the survey did consume some time, but I am happy that I was asked so that I could give my perspective.  All of us together will determine if we are still on the same road moving towards our departmental goal."


Beverlie Edwards

"The surveys help us to identify how we feel about coming to work every day. Do we like it, do we dread it and live for the weekends? We spend most of our lives at work, and often we think or talk about work outside of the office. How we feel when we’re here often determines how we think and act toward others. That in turn may have a ripple effect. It also changes how well we do our work, which impacts the entire State of Idaho."




Gerardo Gil

"The survey seemed like a giant polling assessment to see what areas at ITD need improvement. One suggested idea would be to allow more capacity for personnel comments. However, I also really liked this approach because it helps gauge on our current position in regard to where our company culture should be. The survey relates specifically to our culture by allowing ITD to become more transparent with its areas needing improvement. In my opinion, these types of surveys are necessary "must haves" in order for our constructive culture to continue blooming."



Alicia Harry

"Since coming back to ITD as a permanent employee in 2016, I've heard complaints from some long-time employees about the "Blue" and the surveys, that management was basically going through the motions of employee engagement and nothing would really change. I'm so happy to report that it's just not the case. Having the culture classes would be fairly ineffective if we didn't have a way to gauge the changes that take place because of them, so ITD follows those up with the employee surveys. Because of them, I feel like my opinion and concerns are of value, and I look forward to the surveys because I know for a fact that my voice is being heard."




Published 03-09-18