Long-range and public transit plans highlight Idaho Transportation Department’s April Board meeting in Lewiston          

The Idaho Transportation Board’s meeting in Lewiston April 18-19 will feature an update on the department’s long-range transportation plan, discussion of the Public Transportation Plan, and a tour highlighting the northwestern part of the district.

The board will start its annual tour of the state by visiting District 2. Its business meeting will be held at Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston on Wednesday.

The board will be briefed on efforts to update the department’s long-range transportation plan. “Idaho on the Move” was adopted in 2010 as a vision-based document that codified the mission. The updated document will provide high-level guidance for the next 20 years.

The board will get updates through September as progress is made on updating the long-range plan. Some of the topics to be covered include transportation data and systems, new/emerging technologies, a public opinion survey, and modal planning. Staff anticipates presenting the final long-range plan to the board for approval late this year.

Public Transportation Plan
The board will be asked to approve the statewide public transportation plan, which is required by Idaho Code and board policy.

The Idaho Public Transportation Plan provides a framework for creating an integrated public transportation system that meets the mobility needs of Idahoans. It identifies and supports programs and goals in line with the department’s mission.

ITD and its partners, transit providers, elected officials, and stakeholders will explore opportunities to implement strategies for maintaining and enhancing public transportation services in Idaho.

District 2 tour
The board tour on April 19 will focus on the northwest part of the district with several stops throughout the day, including Winchester, Bovill, Deary, and Princeton. The board will also visit with officials from the cities of Potlatch and Moscow.

In Princeton, the board will visit Bennett Lumber. The family-owned company owns about 70,000 acres of forestland in Idaho and Washington. It produces dimensional and industrial lumber at its mills in Princeton and Clarkston, Washington. The lumber is shipped by truck and rail.

Published 04-13-18