Website will inform public of DMV service interruptions          

A link on the transportation department's homepage will now take customers to a message about the status of DMV services.There were several outages in the first few months of 2018, which prompted this innovation.

Currently, county partners are notified of service interruptions through the transportation department's "Alert Sense" program. Alert Sense sends service interruption messages through email and text messages.

"There has been no way for the public to check on the status of DMV services, aside from calling us or the county or going to the local DMV office," DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez said. "Now, they can check our website."

The website will have non-technical messages and be updated at the same time the counties receive the more detailed Alert Sense emails and texts. In addition, cards with the website address have been distributed to the counties to give to the public at their offices if a service interruption occurs.

"The idea was generated from one of the County Engagement Team meetings,"Gonzalez said. "It is an example of the value of working collaboratively to improve our service to the customer."

Published 04-13-18