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Administration and Planning Expenditures ($000,000)
Goal: Maintain administrative and planning expenditures between $27 and $31 million dollars.

Administration and Planning Expenditures ($000,000)
CY 2016



Why This Is Important

Keeping administration and planning costs as low as possible allows more money to be spent on critical functions such as highway and bridge projects.  This allows the department to make strategic investments that maximize safety, mobility and economic opportunity.

How We Measure It

The expenditures reflect the total administration and planning costs reported to the Federal Highway Administration's SF-4 Report.

What We're Doing About It

ITD has realigned its organizational structure to lower administrative costs (already among the lowest of the surrounding states) and to further maximize its ability to invest in roads and bridges.

Administrative and Planning Expenditures

  Lower Limit
  Upper Limit

Expenditure Trends

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Total Expenditures 619.0 656.8 585.8 496.2 500.6 479.9 490.8 427.5
Administration/Planning 29.5 29.8 27.8 27.7 29.0 29.6 30.2 30.2