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Final Construction Cost as a % of Contract Award
Goal: Maintain Final Cost at 95% to 105% of the Contract

Final Construction Cost as a % of Contract Award
Calendar Year 2017



Why This Is Important

Stakeholders and the public expect the Department to deliver highway projects that improve safety, enhance mobility, and drive economic opportunity.  This requires projects to be well designed and delivered within budget as close to the contract award amount as possible.  Projects delivered within budget allow the Department to efficiently invest limited funding and maximize benefits.

How We Measure It

The Department totals the construction costs for projects which have had the final payment made in the given calendar year (excluding any additional costs that may have been paid for contracturally specified adjustments), totals the bid amounts for these projects at contract award, and then compares the adjusted construction costs to the bid amounts at contract award.

What We're Doing About It

The Department uses a variety of techniques to limit cost increases due to factors within its control including enhanced risk assessment and management on complex projects, regular process reviews and improvement implementations, ongoing training of staff, and annual post-construction reviews.

Updated annually by John P. Bilderback, P.E.. Last updated on January 8, 2018.

Final Construction Cost as a Percent of Contract Award
(Note: Historical percentages are subject to change following the final resolution of post-project contract claims and disputes.)

  Lower Goal (95%)
  Upper Goal (105%)