It's spring and still snowy in D-1
Passengers escape serious injury when plowing into plow blade

Old Man Winter just doesn’t want to let go of the five northern counties of District One. Snow plows and deicer trucks are still making their rounds on area highways. But one day of good weather seems to make people forget their winter driving skills.

Snowstorms, icy conditions or poor visibility can create hazards for even the most skilled driver. Safe motorists prepare for poor weather, are alert when faced with treacherous road conditions and take extra caution on Idaho’s roadways.

There have been several car/snow plow accidents around the district because motorists have attempted to pass the plow on the right. Many of the district’s trucks are equipped with wing plows that often are covered with snow and not easily seen.

The most recent crash took place on U.S. 95 at Granite Hill in Bonner County this week. The driver attempted to pass the snow plow truck on the right, and got caught under the wing plow. The two young women in the car were very lucky, escaping with only minor injuries.

The easiest and most effective way drivers can protect themselves during winter driving conditions is to allow for extra travel time and to slow down.

Published 4-6-2012