Transition to new version of AMS Advantage planned March 12

CGI Advantage ERP application includes Financial and Human Resource Management. The application is a tool that allows employees to create timesheets, order supplies and pay bills, will receive its first major upgrade in five years next month.

A broad-based ITD team began working in 2011 with vendor CGI to prepare for the departments conversion to Advantage 3.9. ITD joins Wyoming as the first wave of users converting to the new version.

Migrating to the new system is scheduled for Tuesday, March 12, said Cynthia LaJoy, project manager. The system will be unavailable the day before (Monday, March 11), so employees who log their hours daily will need to keep records manually. They should be able to complete and submit timesheets as usual on March 15.

ITD replaced its legacy system Oracle with AMS Advantage, version 3.4, in 2004. Since then, one upgrade was introduced – version 3.7 in September 2008. Few changes have been made to the system in the past five years.

Most of the significant changes will come behind the scenes and should have minimal impact on employees who use Advantage only for timesheets. After employees log on to Advantage they will discover some additional functionality that will not apply to ITD. Timesheet preparation and submittal will not be affected.

One additional step will be required for timesheet approvers using Advantage 3.9.

Those who process federal reimbursements and those who order supplies or services or make financial payments will be impacted most. Navigating Advantage 3.9 will be different for financial users. It will be more “tab” oriented, changing the way users move between sections of a document.

Training documents are available or will be soon to help the users make the transition to Advantage 3.9. Check the following links to learn more:


Published 2-22-13