Plates prevent part corrosion, save department equipment
and significant money

Each winter season, salt falling from the spreader unit onto valves and vital parts was causing widespread corrosion and failure. District 1 Shop Superintendent Dustin Chase (pictured below) came up with an inexpensive solution – stainless steel plates that cost $400 per truck in a one-time expense, but save about $900 per unit annually. Also factor in the increased reliability of the trucks, and it’s a winning formula.

“This is a huge money saver,” said District 1 Business Operations Manager Scotty Fellom.  “It’s a one-time cost of $400 vs. a savings of $13,500 over an estimated 15-year truck life times 52 trucks equals an overall savings for those 15 years of $681,200 — $56,766 per year.”

pictured above is a before-and-after shot of a truck body with and without the plates.

 “We were having to change a half dozen parts almost yearly, on every truck, due to heavy corrosion and the resulting failure of the parts,” said Chase. “I put these plates on this spring and did not have a single failure through this winter.” 

“As we are converting our trucks back for summer maintenance, we are removing these plates and I am thoroughly impressed with the results. Components that usually only last a year still look brand new after a season of plowing.” 

Chase also explained that the savings go beyond the immediate cost. Differentials and other high-dollar items that were showing heavy signs of corrosion are also now protected by the plates.


Published 03-25-16