Supervisor: David Luce - (208) 334-8454           ITD’s Central Asphalt Laboratory is responsible for quality testing of Liquid Asphalts used on highway projects throughout the state of Idaho. The lab is AASHTO accredited, and maintains memberships in both Oregon and Western Co-Operative Test Groups. The department’s Central Asphalt Lab performs a full range of conventional asphalt testing, as well as Performance Graded (PG) binder testing, used in the production of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), statewide. Tests such as, Dynamic Shear Rheometer, Bending Beam Rheometer, Rotational Viscosity, Rolling Thin Film Oven, Pressure Aging Vessel, and Elastic Recovery (SHRP+), are used to help assure the quality of liquid asphalts used on Idaho’s highways. In addition to liquid asphalt testing, the lab conducts a wide range of Emulsified Asphalt tests as well. Tests such as, Evaporation, Penetration of Residue, and Saybolt Viscosity, are performed on Emulsions. The department’s Central Asphalt Laboratory also conducts in-house research, and collaborates with other Western states on important research in the field of asphalt and asphalt testing.