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Educational Materials Order Form

To request materials, please click "Submit" below, or return this form via fax or mail to the contact listed at the bottom of the order form. Highway safety materials are available at no charge to Idaho organizations, companies and residents. Orders will be filled in the quantities requested while supplies are available. If this is an out of state request, you are limited to one each.
* Teen driver items       (PDF format available online.

General Highway Safety

Limit Qty.
Litter Bags – Smart Choices Save Lives 100 litter bags
Lip Balm – "Highway Safety Coalition", vanilla flavored, SPF 15 100 lip balm
Tattoos – temporary - Toward Zero Deaths 100 tattoos
Note Pads – Highway Safety Coalition 4 x 5.5 40 note pads
Sticky Notes – Toward Zero Deaths 3"x3" 40 note pads

Seat Belts / Child Passenger

Limit Qty.
Rulers – Make it a RULE to buckle up. Every time. All the time. 50 rulers
Palm Card - Age recommendations for safety seats. 100 cards
Palm Card – Child Restraint Basics Pocket Card for Parents 100 cards
Brochure - "Bee" a Safety Belt User PDF 100 brochures
Poster - Buckle Up I can't imagine life without you. 10 posters
Poster - Pickups rock…. and roll. Buckled Up? 10 posters
Growth Chart - Places child in the correct seat based upon height 20 charts
WHALE Kits - "We Have A Little Emergency" identification kits 50 kits
Tattoos - temporary - Car Seat Chief 100 tattoos
Tattoos - temporary - Seat Belt Sheriff 100 tattoos
Tattoos - temporary - Buckle Up I Love You - Pink Heart 100 tattoos

Distracted Driving

Limit Qty.
Tattoos - temporary - Text, Talk, Crash! - Skull 100 tattoos
*Manual - Distracted Driving Program for Schools 1 manual
DVD - Distracted Driving "It only takes a second." 5 DVDs

Aggressive Driving

Limit Qty.
Palm Card – Aggressive Driving Facts 50 cards
Palm Card - Teen Winter Driving - Snow and Ice Think Twice 100 cards

Impaired Driving

Limit Qty.
*Brochure - "STOP, Are You Under 21?" DUI Brochure 200 brochures
Brochure - Do you know about Idaho's DUI laws? 200 brochures

Bicycle / Pedestrian

Limit Qty.
Reflective Stickers – "Be Seen" 50 stickers
Brochure – Your Bicycle Helmet "A correct fit" PDF 100 brochures
Brochure – Bicycle Safety Fun Page – puzzles and safety tips K-5 PDF 100 brochures
Brochure – Pedestrian Safety Fun Page –puzzles and safety tips K-5 PDF 100 brochures
Booklet - WALK SMART – guide to safe walking in Idaho, children to seniors. PDF 100 booklets


Limit Qty.
Poster – Look Twice Save a Life 10 posters
Poster – Share the Road 10 posters
Postcard – Look Twice Save a Life 50 postcards

If you would like more materials that the limit, please call (208) 334-8118 for approval. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.

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Mail to: Idaho Transportation Department, Office of Highway Safety, PO Box 7129, Boise, ID 83707-1129 Fax to: (208) 334-4430