Qualified Products List QPL Administrator: 208-334-8440 Email: ITDQPLAdmin@itd.idaho.gov Lists of products pre-qualified for use on Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) projects are compiled and maintained by the Department. These lists include pre-qualified products, approved suppliers and certified sources of specific materials that exhibit satisfactory compliance to a given specification. In accordance with the ITD Standard Specifications for Highway Construction, SECTION 106 – CONTROL OF MATERIALS, the Department classifies products as either Qualified Products List (QPL) products or Non-QPL products. In accordance with the ITD Quality Assurance Manual, SECTION 240 – PRE-TESTED AND PRE-QUALIFIED MATERIALS, QPL products still need the appropriate tests and certifications as required by the contract in order to be accepted on the project. Qualification of a product is not blanket approval for use on all projects or applications. QPL products must be used as specified and in accordance with any conditional requirements. Where there is a conflict between the QPL and the contract provisions, the contract provisions shall take precedence over the QPL. Any product may be removed from the QPL for non-conformance with specifications or performance requirements. The Department must be notified in writing of any change in product formulation or contact information. All products will be subject to update every 5 years.