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Source: The Clearwater Progress (Kamiah)
Council approves CV Aero Club contract
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KAMIAH - After gathering info from the Clearwater Valley Aero Club, Kamiah Mayor Dale Schneider estimated the club's donation of labor totals $12,180 annually.

Schneider based his estimate on average federal wages of $20.30/hr. He said the club puts in 260 hours cutting grass, maintaining lights, etc. and another 340 hours running the office, etc.
He said the rent the city would have charged for use of the hangar was $1,800 annually.

The issue came up last month when councilors Wayne Jorgensen and Henry Bailey questioned the five-year contract. The councilors asked for a list of the club's time and tasks. They felt the aero club should pay rent for the hangar it uses because it was unfairly receiving a better deal than other entities such as the swimming pool.

"First of all for the record I would like to say that I have never once had an issue with the aero club," stated Bailey. "The only issue I had is why we can't help out all the oth-er clubs. The crap that came out in the paper to me was a joke.

"I go to every military air show. I love airplanes. I have since I was a little boy. So I just want you guys to know that you have my support 100%. All I did was ask a couple of questions. That's all I got to say."

Club member George Hunt clarified issues in the contract: the airport is in Idaho County not Lewis; the club is not responsible for providing materials for the airport; it is encouraged but not mandatory that the club put on a fly-in for the city. He said the club would try to do at least one main event per year at the airport.

He said the goal was to get people out to see the city's fine facility. "It really is one of the best airports in the area. It's the best grass airstrip in North Idaho without any doubt. I think the city can be proud about."

Bailey made a motion to approve the revised contract with the aero club, which was passed unanimously.