The Malad River Bridges are on the list to be resurfaced this summer

Work begins on I-84 bridges in Elmore and Gooding counties;
will continue through summer            

Drivers along Interstate 84 should watch for maintenance work and resurfacing on 15 bridges at 13 locations between Glenns Ferry and Wendell. The work will impact traffic at various locations on and off I-84 throughout the summer.

The work consists of minor concrete maintenance, placing a sealant on the driving surface of each bridge, repairing bridge slopes, and guardrail repair. This will help preserve these structures, and will improve the ride quality across the bridge while extending the life of each bridge.

When necessary, traffic along I-84 will be reduced to a single lane through the work zones. Drivers should watch for reduced speed limits and restrictions throughout work zones — check for updates and changing restrictions.

Most impact will be incurred on the overpass roadways, many of which are country roadways and do not have direct access to I-84. Drivers can expect short delays with temporary traffic signals at most bridge locations.

Work on this $2.1 million bundle of projects is expected to be complete by the end of September.

Published 05-19-17