Besides verbal recognition, ITD employees have another avenue to share their appreciation for the assistance and guidance of co-workers. The department's MVP cards, which are found through the HR site on SharePoint, can play an important role in fostering this appreciation, which is an essential component of job satisfaction.

The goal is to make that appreciation more visible, and to remind employees that this resource exists and can be an important morale-booster.

Here are the MVP cards posted in the last week:

To: Rita Gallagher, Susan Dearing, Dyann Cook, Charles Keshian, Gregg Mcleod, Challis Phipps, Brenda Zantjer
From: Christine Lambing
Thank you for filling in those little pieces of information for processes that aren't written down anywhere :0) ... You Rock!!

To: Daniel Luper
From: James Poorbaugh
While working in D2 one of our data collection vehicles began to have issues. Dan was very helpful coordinating the repair work and went out of his way to help get the vehicle back to us. Thanks!

To: Allyson Christensen
From: Thomas Lindsay
Thanks for all the help in getting the WebEx up and running. Your work made for a successful and problem free meeting with all parties.

To: Eddie Martinez
From: Anthony Pirc
Eddie provided outstanding customer service by setting up the new BSM Conference Room and offered many helpful suggestions and delivered an outstanding resource! Thank you, Eddie!

To: Robert Holbert
From: Megan Stark
You are such a trooper and did an amazing job with your first on-camera interview. You did outstanding and had such a great message. Thank you for being willing to talk and I appreciate it greatly!

To: Casey Messick
From: Megan Stark
You handled yourself so well with your first on-camera interview. You are a rockstar & did a fantastic job! I appreciate everything you do & thank you for being willing to talk!

To: Jayme Garces
From: Megan Stark
You have been such a great help to all of us, and thank you for coming out to meet the crews as they have greatly appreciated it and getting to know you! You're a rockstar!

Published 04-05-19