Besides verbal recognition, ITD employees have another avenue to share their appreciation for the assistance and guidance of co-workers. The department's MVP cards, which are found through the HR site on SharePoint, can play an important role in fostering this appreciation, which is an essential component of job satisfaction.

The goal is to make that appreciation more visible, and to remind employees that this resource exists and can be an important morale-booster.

Here are the MVP cards posted in the last week:

To: Megan Sausser
From: Reed Hollinshead
Thank you so much, Megan, for helping me out with a flurry of D1/D2 articles this week when I really needed them. I can always count on you!

To: Robert Gordon
From: Curtis Arnzen
Excellent work helping District 2 keep our Contractor Payments moving forward! You are being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure prompt payment to Contractors.

To: Kip Higgins
From: Lori Graves
Thank you for helping the DMV Admins to move two printers and setting one up for Lori C, especially when it is not part of your job description. We really do appreciate it! Thank you!!

To: Mandy White
From: Lisa Helton
Mandy helped me with a couple of difficult transactions today. I really appreciate your expertise in our new GEM system. Thank you for being so helpful and patient when we call. :)

Published 04-05-19