Simmons makes improvements to AAMVA training materials

Idaho has some unique regulations and training requirements that are not covered in training produced by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), so DMV Training Specialist Ric Simmons is taking the initiative to tackle these shortcomings.

Simmons added some new materials to round out the training, and has a few things specific to Idaho on his radar for future improvements, such as Idaho’s seasonal Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).”

An example of the improvements Simmons spearheaded existed in the CDL Examiner course. AAMVA’s documentation indicated that quizzes were not critical, and that only the final exam had to be re-attempted if failed.

However, it had an error in the quiz code that would shut down the training if a quiz was failed, forcing the test-taker to restart from the beginning of the course. Simmons rebuilt the quizzes to function as intended.


Published 08-09-19