Driver Record Dashboard – an industry first – saves time
and provides service for driving customers

A Driver Record Dashboard (DRD) provides an online, on demand, real-time monitoring and access to driving records for employers. In FY18, DMV handled 21,943 driving records (government and private) through manual requests at HQ. An FY19 campaign encouraged using the DRD online, saving about 500 hours per year.

"Through an on-going marketing campaign, 82 agencies signed up to use the DRD in FY19. Our goal is that all Idaho government agencies that request driving records to HQ will sign up for the online DRD service," said DMV STaR Program Manager Lisa McClellan.

Before DRD, agencies would request driver records via manual forms by mail. Given the thousands of requests, this is time-consuming work.

With the expansion of the DRD system to allow government agencies the same access as private organizations, without a fee, agencies can set up an account with Access Idaho, enter a list of drivers to monitor driving privilege status, and pull driving records if needed.

DMV sent out flyers and applications in FY19 to promote the online service and provide better customer service (real time, on demand) and decrease the volume of manual requests.

As of May 2019, 78 government agencies has signed up for the dashboard, and 88 private organizations had done likewise.

Published 08-09-19