Switch to Print Organizer for plotting needs
saves time and money

ITD had used the same system, IPLOT, for many years to serve its batch-plotting needs for plan sheets. But as with anything that relies on technology, time eventually catches up and it becomes too old and antiquated to quickly perform the task. So a team that spanned districts came up with the idea to switch to a print organizer to accomplish things more efficiently.

“It was old software that does not update automatically, and has printer-driver issues when switching to new printers,” explained D1’s Ben Daley. “Additionally, we found that ITD was paying for IPLOT software and servers they didn’t need.”

So the team came up with a batch-plotting solution from Bentley, the cost of which was included in the suite of Bentley products ITD already purchases. Print Organizer was automatically updated with the MIcrostation software many ITD employees use.

The team consisted of D1's Ben Daley, D2's Chris Steward, Kathy Buffat and Steven Bakker from D5, and Beau Hensen of Division of Highways. This innovation was a Technology User Group action item, but they also did the testing and built the guide.

Switching to Print Organizer is estimated to save approximately 400 hours and more than $16,000.


Published 08-09-19