Training tailored for SMEs benefits ITD employees
and translates to better customer service

In the last five years, HQ Training and Development has scaled back on training in specific technical areas as their focus has changed. With an increasingly new and inexperienced workforce, though, there was a need for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to pass along their experiences and technical know-how.

So into that vacuum stepped training professionals David Nichols and Renae Beal.

Nichols and Beal put together a training course for SMEs in Monica Crider’s Consulting Services group.

“They developed a new training course on the tools and methods to use so that SMEs are getting the most out of their interactions with our customers during these face-to-face training sessions,” Crider said.

Mike Cram, a project manager with the Consulting Services group, took the class, and had high praise for the training:

“Our section is comprised of individuals who are subject matter experts for their areas, but we are not necessarily good instructors. 

In a short session, David and Renae highlighted a variety of things to consider and presented different instructional methods for consideration on how to liven up the class.

David highlighted something that I had never considered:  ‘training is really just part of change management….what do you want people to do differently after your training?’ Renae talked about how she creates a ‘safe environment’ within the classroom so that participants are comfortable learning and asking questions. 

The time with David and Renae was well spent. I would encourage others to take advantage of their services if they find themselves in a situation where they need to deliver information to a large group of people in person.

Holly (McClure) and I used techniques provided by David and Renae during the past year when we provided training at each of the ITD districts, HQ, LHTAC, and ACHD.  As a result of the instruction received during this class, the feedback we received from our training sessions was overwhelmingly positive." 

Beal taught the course again for the DMV Policy and Program Management team, and Nichols said .the class, called Introduction to Training Design & Delivery, will be offered starting this fall.

Published 08-09-19