ITD sets the innovation bar high
with second Idaho finals appearance

The Idaho Transportation Department again set the standard for state agencies with a second appearance Oct. 23 in the Idaho Technology Council Innovative Company of the Year awards. ITD remains the only public-service state agency to make the final grouping. Not just once, but twice — 2016 & 2019.

The Power of Ideas celebration honored some of Idaho’s most innovative people and private technology companies. We didn’t win, but we did earn the respect of nearly 1,000 people who were in attendance.

“The innovative Company of the Year recognition only validates what I discovered my first year working at ITD — that our employees are dedicated to the ITD mission and resourceful and responsible in their use of resources,” said Chief Administrative Officer and ITD Innovation Champion Charlene McArthur. “All we needed was a common language and process to showcase our efforts. That became our innovative effort, Innovate ITD!”

The ITD nomination highlighted some big accomplishments. The judges were highly impressed that ITD had implemented more than 1,000 employee-driven innovations and achieved $10 million in savings and efficiencies that can be reapplied to critical roads and bridges, benefiting taxpayers and road users throughout the state. That main difference between ITD and the private sector really seemed to resonate with the judges – that our innovations benefit everyone in the state, not just those who purchase a product.

ITD’s innovation effort serves as a model for other public-service agencies within the state, and other DOTs throughout the country.

Published 10-25-19