A brand new hat flanked by the District Engineer's hat from 1985 (R) and the 1982 lid from Design Construct Group A (L).

D4 hard hat competition finds oldest lid
as way to reinforce hard-hat safety

The last week of October was extra sweet in south-central Idaho as the D4 Safety Team held an ice cream social in celebration of a districtwide competition to find the oldest hard hat.

“Our safety team meets monthly to discuss important issues and topics we feel our employees should focus on,” said D4 Safety Compliance Officer Sarah Woolley.  “I heard about hard hat competitions while attending a safety conference and we decided it would be an entertaining and engaging way to address hard hat compliance here in our district as well.”

On October 29, the winning hats were showcased at a district safety meeting where participants were served a helping of safety information alongside a scoop of ice cream.
“It was definitely a fun way to deliver the message,” said Woolley. “More importantly, we hope this will encourage individuals to regularly inspect their hard hats before heading out in the field.”

Wearing proper safety gear is an important aspect of employee safety but often times these items don’t possess an infinite service life. If during an inspection an individual observes damage or finds an item has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade.

District 4 staff discusses safety equipment standards.


Published 11-08-19