A visual approach to knowledge-sharing
for new ITD recruits

The idea of capturing knowledge before the incumbent walks out the door is not new – in fact, it’s one that ITD Human Resources has been struggling with for years. Neal Murphy’s idea, though, puts a more visual, less time-intensive face to the issue.

“The idea is to interview the person leaving on camera and in a few quick minutes describe the job, discuss the most frequent or most important contacts, and show the new recruit where the information is stored (on a server, hard drive, desktop or notebook). Then at least you have a starting point for the new employee. And the person leaving could convey a bunch of very valuable information in just a few short minutes.”

Murphy, the department’s Emergency Services Manager, said that the whole process would be triggered when paperwork is submitted that shows the current employee is leaving. From there, the video could be a formal production through the videography department (Dave Tuttle or Mark Hall), but if they are busy, most Apple or Android phones have a video function, and it could be as informal as using that application.

“Either way, the idea is to capture knowledge and give the new employee somewhere to start,” said Murphy.

Published 11-15-19