Besides verbal recognition, ITD employees have another avenue to share their appreciation for the assistance and guidance of co-workers. The department's MVP cards, which are found through the HR site on SharePoint, can play an important role in fostering this appreciation, which is an essential component of job satisfaction.

The goal is to make that appreciation more visible, and to remind employees that this resource exists and can be an important morale-booster.

Here are the MVP cards posted in the last week:

To: Randy Danner
From: Deborah Gravett
Thank you for making our work environment safe. I've submitted two items that were unsafe and you worked with Todd Sorenson to fix the problem. The fix was quick and effective. Thank you!

To: Glenn Roberts
From: Stephanie Wright
Glenn is a Rock Star employee. Thank you for coming up to Legal at the last minute to help us get the Cicso VPN working. You are always willing to stop what you are doing to help us! Thank You!

To: Helen Moore
From: Amy Schroeder
Hey Helen, I really appreciate your assistance assigning the work authority to the 2101 on such short notice today and helping us meet our deadline for this very important project. You're Awesome! :)

To: Colleen Wonacott
From: Amy Schroeder
Hey Colleen, I really appreciate your assistance with the 2101 routing and approval today and helping us meet our deadline for advertising this very important project. You Rock!! :)

To: Donna Hunsinger
From: Cecilia Awuusie
I am so thankful for your help with OTIS entries for my projects. I appreciate you very much!

To: Drew McGuire
From: Cecilia Awusie
I'm so thankful you have been part of our working group. I appreciate the way you take initiative for tasks, and keep things moving. I count on you a lot, and appreciate all that you bring:

To: Savannah Hill
From: Keenan Wallace
Thanks for taking the extra time to help with a driver needing corrections on his record. With as busy as it is where you work, it's nice to get that extra support when its needed. You're appreciated!

To: Lori Copeland
From: David Dansereau
I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Lori for her help with the winter stand down meeting. Without your help it would not have been successful.

Published 11-15-19