Office of Highway Safety seeks
employee input on how we view crash data

It’s no secret that we live in a data-driven world. Here at ITD, there is no shortage of data to go around. Data helps guide the services we provide our families, friends and neighbors each day. Data also helps identify construction and maintenance projects, plan for growth, and identify ways to make our roads and communities safer.

At the Office of Highway Safety, we also collect a lot of data. Each year, our team of crash analysts review every reportable crash on public roadways across Idaho – there were 25,851 crashes around the state in 2017. The information is vital as we plan activities and build programs to prevent fatal and serious injury crashes on Idaho roadways.

This report is published both in a book and online each year. Our goal is to give stakeholders, partners and all Idahoans an opportunity to use this resource to make good decisions as they travel on our public roadways. With that goal in mind, we regularly look for ways to improve the user experience.

You can help us shape the way we provide data and the look of the interface we use to ehgage the public by answering a few short questions via the survey below:


Published 11-15-19