Employee desk phones to be upgraded

The desk phones of all employees will be upgraded soon as the department moves to more securely link our phones to our computers, and the viable lifespan of the old phone system draws to a close. The phone installation will roll out by the end of the year throughout headquarters, and from January to May in the districts.

For headquarters personnel, each area will see the new phones according to the following schedule:

Week of 11/4/2019 ETS COMPLETED
Week of 11/12/2019 ETS & Annex and HRD/ETS trailer COMPLETED
Week of 11/18/2019 BSM & Garage
Week of 11/25/2019 3rd floor
Week of 12/2/2019 2nd Floor
Week of 12/9/2019 1st Half of DMV Staff
Week of 12/16/2019 2nd Half of DMV Staff

District offices will see the new phones in the upcoming months. Training demos will accompany each district installation.

January 2020 - District 3 & Aeronautics
February 2020 - District 4
March 2020 - District 5
April 2020 - District 6
May 2020 - District 1 & District 2

Employees with any questions should visit the following SharePoint link on the installation. If that doesn’t answer your question, feel free to contact Michelle Cobler or Eddy Martinez.

Published 11-01-19