Schoolcraft’s motorcycle crash
reinforces safety helmet lesson

Oct. 25 was like any other Friday evening, with Justin Schoolcraft and his wife, Davis, hopping on their motorcycle for the trip into Twin Falls around 5 p.m. They were traveling south on Fillmore Street on their red 2019 Harley Davidson Street Glide when a small white SUV heading north turned from the northbound lane toward a Chevron station and right into their path, hitting them head-on. At that moment, it became anything but routine.

Ironically, it was routine that likely saved them both.

Justin (Program Manager 1 in HQ) and Davis had donned their motorcycle helmets prior to riding, a routine occurrence for the couple. When the SUV hit them that evening, both Justin and Davis were thrown from the bike. Justin landed on his head and his helmet took the brunt of the impact, splitting open but doing its job and protecting his skull. Davis’ helmet also met the road, but not quite with as much force. Still, the helmet kept her head safe.

“Her helmet was actually in pretty good shape after the crash, but mine was in terrible shape,” Justin said. “The helmets definitely saved both our lives.”

“The department certainly takes safety seriously and does a lot to promote safety,” said D4 District Engineer Jesse Barrus. “I think this is a great reminder that safety is a personal responsibility and commitment, too.”

The driver of the SUV, who was uninjured, was cited at the scene for Failure To Yield. Magic Valley Paramedics responded, as well as Twin Falls fire and police.



Published 11-15-19