D3’s Caleb Lakey honored with Leadership In Motion
Award from COMPASS

District 3 Engineering Manager Caleb Lakey was recently recognized with the Leadership In Motion Award in the “Leadership in Practice, Professional” category from the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS). Lakey received the award December 16, 2019 at the COMPASS Board of Directors’ holiday luncheon.

Lakey was selected because of his excellent work engaging with local agencies to proactively plan for growth in the Treasure Valley. Caldwell Mayor Garrett Nancolas and Public Works Director Brent Orton nominated Lakey for the award. The nomination reads:
Caleb Lakey is a true Public Servant who epitomizes the Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD’s) Mantra for seeking Safety, Mobility, and Opportunity. His open-book approach, his skill for finding common-ground, and tenacity in problem solving have made him a great asset in the Treasure Valley.

Caleb inspires teamwork and cooperation wherever he goes. His approach has been a great help in many projects, including the US20/26 widening, SH55 planning, and in the localization of the I-84 BL through Caldwell, to name a few.

Caleb’s work has and continues to further the Goals of Communities in Motion 2040 respecting transportation, safety, infrastructure, health, and economic development. We are pleased to nominate Caleb for the Leadership in Practice Award.

Lakey has been an engineering manager in District 3 leading the Scoping, Environmental, Material, Survey and Traffic sections for 2.5 years.  He previously worked in technical and leadership positions at ITD headquarters for 5.5 years.

“It’s a huge and humbling honor to receive this award, especially knowing Mayor Nancolas and Brent nominated me,” said Lakey, “It was totally unexpected.”

Lakey has set himself apart as a creative collaborator. His conversations with other decision-makers often involve problem-solving and working towards partnership opportunities.

“When I’m talking to city planners, mayors, or lawmakers, my goal is always to find the common ground,” said Lakey. “I enjoy explaining the engineering side of the conversation, acknowledging the local concerns and constraints, and in the end finding the win-win.”

Published 01-03-20